2016 Junior Vinnies Team

Junior Vinnies Team 2016

At St Andrews College, Year 10 students are encouraged to involve themselves in extra curricular activities, and embrace opportunities to display leadership and service.

Membership of the Junior Vinnies Team is one of those opportunities.  This year over 80 students applied to join the team, which is centred around serving Christ and others. The applicants expressed their interest in increasing their own and others understanding of social justice issues as well as raising funds for the St Vincent de Paul Society. 

All indicated that they wished to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than themselves.  Such an overwhelming response by the Year 10 students is testament to the compassionate students we have at the College and their desire to show faith in Christ through faith in action.

Thirty-one students were invited to join the Vinnies team and were immersed in fundraising campaigns immediately through the Shrove Tuesday (pancake) and Valentine’s Day Rose fundraisers.

Each member has contributed in a generous and professional manner, demonstrating responsibility and leadership as well as empathy and compassion. 

I would like to congratulate and thank the following students, who represent the wonderful Year 10 cohort and who are so enthusiastic to serve others.  I look forward to a wonderful year of service with you and I encourage all those who applied to continue to “do more and go beyond” in 2016.

2016 Junior Vinnies Team

Jonathan Alfonso Maame Gyau Kaitlynn Paraia Patrick Balilo Maria Herrera Shania Perera Jaime Bernardo Jimmy Hokafonu Moses Peterson Desiree Bongolan Chelsea Lomibau Shaila Samson Alaina Carasco Nupur Makwana Matthew Stevenson Rashelle Chand Isabelle Mendoza Jerico Tablizo Nathanael Chilcott Natasha Milas Madelaine Toledo Clarisse Cortez Ashley Naing Jan Vallar Yom Deng Ruth Okot Veronica Anne Villaeal Francesca Ferrer Chiaris Osorio Isabella Yabut Ashley Fronteras Mrs Bernadette Bradford