Becoming a Catechist


On the 31st of October, myself and seven other Year 10 students took part in the training to become a Catechist and training to become teachers who teach religion to other students in our Parish Community. For me taking part in this was a great experience was an opportunity to be able to learn more about being a Catechist, what you do as a Catechist to help other students learn about the Catholic Faith and just be able to be with friends and learn with them. During our training we were taught a lot of skills and were given more knowledge on teaching and the Catholic religion. We were given the opportunity to feel like a teacher and a student in the same day through planning lessons and creating crafts, which made the day more enjoyable.

Claudeen Saguid

The Catechist training day really helped myself and my peers to understand what the Catechist program is all about. It’s about helping children find their faith and showing them that the Lord is always there for us. Mrs Cassar took us through a few different lesson plans from different years and showed us what type of work we would be doing as a Catechist. The training session has helped me to work with others and it has made me more excited for the upcoming Catechist program.

Maria Alemao

Learning and becoming a leader is a daunting task. Learning and becoming a leader in the name of God is another thing. Throughout the day we were able to grasp a glimpse of the expectations and responsibilities Catechists require in order to be a successful and respected teacher.

We were able to learn how to treat the children and activities we were able to do with them. All the activities done were simple and reflected the Catholic religion in a way that the children would understand. The day was filled with information and fun, as we would hear past stories from Mrs Cassar, about the experiences she had whilst teaching the faith. Through Mrs Cassar’s enthusiasm about being a Catechist, it was able to inspire us to do more and go beyond.

Nina Salvador and Jessica Hostiadi