Pancake Day

Junior Campus

On the 17th of February, the Vinnies Group sold pancakes to the College community to mark Shrove Tuesday and raise money for St Vincent de Paul Society. Traditionally, Christians would indulge in a sweet treat in preparation for the sacrifice they make during the 40-day Lenten period. The Vinnies Group, through this campaign, not only prepared the students for the great Holy period of Lent, but also raised money for those in need. We are happy to say that the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day was a great success, resulting in an astonishing $300 raised for charity.

Pancake Junior Photo 1

Pancakes were sold at recess; so the Vinnies students only had Period 1 and 2 to make around 500 pancakes from scratch and cook them on the BBQ. We worked as a team with everyone having different jobs including mixers, flippers, money handlers, crowd control and servers. Under the guidance of Miss Pett we worked diligently and were able to have fresh pancakes ready to be served up with ice cream and flavoured toppings.

Pancake Junior Photo 2

When the recess bell rang students lined up in unprecedented proportions, forcing the Vinnies Group into a hectic rush to churn out even more pancakes to meet the seemingly endless demand. The College community transformed into a sort of family, the Juniors and Seniors blended into one contingent-- intermingled-- enjoying genuine conversation over freshly cooked pancakes. The students all bonded over their similar food, pancakes, and yes it seems tenuous, but the pancakes acted as a symbol of the one thing the students have in common, a trait that cannot be seen at a glimpse, that being their Faith in Christ. The campaign brought the College together unfathomably.

It was a simultaneous action that took place on both a social, and a spiritual level, resulting in solidarity, unique and warm.

All in all, the campaign was a success, raising a great deal of money, money which can do amazing things for those in need. It would not have been possible without the co-ordinator of Vinnies, Miss Pett, who has embraced her new position, devoting an enormous amount of her time into the planning and implementation of so many charity campaigns already. Thank you to the countless volunteers who assisted the Vinnies Group and the many teachers who assisted us and offered their support. Your effort was commendable and your work ethic even more so. We thank the College community for their support of the event, and on behalf of the Vinnies Group, wish you all a very enlightening Lent.

Pancake Junior Photo 3

Mikie Mouxouris
Year 10

Senior Campus


On Tuesday 17th of February, the Senior Campus enjoyed the annual Pancake Day event set up by the St Vincent de Paul Executive Committee. Pancake Day is one of many student-run activities promoting social justice for the disadvantaged in our local community. The day also held religious significance, being a twist on the traditional Shrove Tuesday, the final period of indulgence before the reflection and fasting of Lent

Much like the Valentine's Roses, the pancakes were a hit with the student body on the Senior Campus. There are many more Vinnies events which will occur throughout the year, and we as students, along with Mrs Melki are overjoyed with the support our College community has shown. All funds will be contributed to the great work of our local Vinnies Chapter, who personify the principles of social justice that we hope to uphold in our College community.

Joanna Chapko and Scott Hall