Pierre de Coubertin Award

Stephanie Mulholland

The Pierre de Coubertin Awards are named after the founder of the modern Olympic Games.

The Awards take place on an annual basis and recognise senior secondary students who demonstrate values, which are consistent with the Olympic Movement through participation in sporting activities.

This year the St Andrews College recipient was Stephanie Mulholland.

Stephanie has always displayed a strong passion and love for a variety of sports throughout her school life. She has been actively involved in many extra-curricula sporting activities both inside and outside of school.

Throughout her time at St Andrews College, she has participated in nine different sports  - swimming, athletics, cross country, basketball, diving, triathlon, netball, touch football and volleyball (NSW U/17 Captain 2012, NSW U/19 2013, NSWCCC 2014).

What is most impressive about Stephanie is her positive and enthusiastic approach to sport and the gracious manner with which she accepts recognition for her achievements.

She displays wonderful sportsmanship in all that she does whilst, simultaneously, managing to maintain a high level of academic achievement. Stephanie is always encouraging her peers to get involved at sporting carnivals and events, even if they do not feel confident in their athletic ability. Her attitude is to do your best and enjoy the participation no matter what result.

At the 2014 Athletics Carnival, Stephanie was extremely supportive and encouraging of her peers in every event in which they participated. Stephanie was prepared to sacrifice the title of Age Champion because she could see how much one of her friends wanted and needed the recognition.

Stephanie is not only an excellent ambassador for participation in sport and its rewards, but also for youth in the community and the positive role they can play. She leads by doing – Stephanie coaches gymnastics to children with special needs.

Stephanie is truly deserving of this award and can be relied upon to use this recognition to continue to give back to the community.