Year 10 Drama - Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Photo

Below are stories by three Year 10 students who attended the production.

On Wednesday the 12th of August, my fellow Year 10 Drama students and I watched the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. It was a beautiful day, allowing my friends and I a break from our usual school routine. We watched the 90-minute play in the famous Sydney Opera House with hundreds of other school students. It was a complex play but staged in a simple way. The cast used a minimal amount of stage props and included an extensive range of dramatic techniques that was combined with fine acting. As a drama student it was important for me to analyse these techniques in order to be able to incorporate these into my own work. I was surprised by the way the play was staged but fortunately it visualised for me a range of ideas and techniques that I never before properly understood. Also, it was an opportunity to see a play that visually explained the theory that we have been studying in class.

Andrew Spiteri

I attended the performance because it was a Year 10 Drama excursion to the city and a break from class. The excursion was aimed at enlightening drama students in the many techniques used in a live performance and the real worth of Shakespeare to our lives as teenagers today. The performance itself was superb and magnificent. Bell Shakespeare managed to create an interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet that included all the traditional elements of a Shakespearean play whilst at the same time making it relevant and important for teenagers in today’s society. This concept is hard to accomplish but they pulled it off well. This was achieved through excellent acting, elements of tension and the most important tool for a production in the 21st century… humour. The element of humour was exemplified through the script as well as the entertaining characters.  I would highly recommend this production to everyone and anyone of all ages.  

Jordan Ciappara

On the 12th of August, our Year 10 Drama class attended a performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Sydney Opera House. Overall, the day was both surprising and interesting. Taking time out of class and analysing a performance was rather interesting, as it gave us an opportunity to gain an understanding of performance techniques. We thank Mr Lenehan for organising this wonderful experience and Mrs Ryan for assisting us on the day.

Yesenia Latoure