Year 11 Jazz Excursion


Jazz Excursion

On Thursday, the 21st of May the Year 11 Music class had the opportunity to attend an excursion and witness ‘The Vampires” live at the Seymour Centre.

This Jazz band was not a conventional one as they infused a myriad of musical styles i.e. afro-beat, reggae and Greek music. The integration of multiple styles accentuates the compositions of their music. The band members also spoke about their influences and various inspirations for song writing ranging from their travels in other countries to their own personal nicknames.

The synthesis of different musical styles contributed to their unique sound, which included instruments such as the saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, double bass and various types of drums. 

This band also did not have a chordal instrument such as the piano or guitar as a harmonic accompaniment to their other instruments, which is unusual for the genre of jazz. 

The absence of a harmonic instrument meant the band members had more freedom to work with and express themselves, only having to follow a single note (from the double bassist and sometimes two) as opposed to the chords of a piano or guitar.

A feature of the music was the trumpet player’s use of the room’s acoustics, which he used to great effect.

At the end of the concert, we received a CD of original jazz compositions and information regarding future jazz workshops.

We would like to thank Mr Chiappetta and Captivate who arranged for us to be chauffeured to and from the venue.

Year 11 Music Class