Year 11 Retreat - Chang House

Chang Retreat Photo 1

On the 17th of March, the Chang House began their reflective journey at Winmalee Christian Conference Centre. From the Year 11 morning Mass, the grade began to reflect on their lives and the journey ahead.

The spirituality of the Centre was present for all of Chang House. Arriving at the centre, there was an immediate calm and non-technological atmosphere that both teachers and students had to adjust to. Upon arrival, we were greeted in a warm and welcoming atmosphere from those at the centre.

Year 11 Retreat Chang Photo 2

We began the retreat with numerous activities that helped team building, acknowledgement of character and lots of laughs. While in our activity groups we had visitors which overlooked and saw all of Chang House bonding together; Mr Thrum, Father Charlie and Mr Vidot.

Through the first day, we had free time to do numerous activities including bush walking, swimming, basketball, playing music and bonding with one another.

Year 11 Retreat Chang Photo 3

Throughout the afternoon towards evening, we broke up into smaller groups to share and explain our past and what we look toward in our future.

During the night & early into the morning, both teachers and students shared stories and bonded together. In the morning there were numerous activities such as boot camp, bushwalking and writing positive messages and notes into each person’s envelope. Although in the morning, some Year 11 students struggled to awake, Mr Araujo played his music throughout all of the rooms to help. 

Year 11 Retreat Chang Photo 4

Throughout the retreat, Chang House were able to share and bond on our experiences, where and what state of mind we want to be in the future. We were able to give positive comments and know each other in a different light. Chang House would like to thank Mrs Melki for organising and taking us all on our spiritual journey, Mrs O'Hare, Mr Aronis, Mr Johnson and Mr Araujo for sharing their experiences, helping and accompanying us on our retreat and Winmalee Christian Conference Centre.

Chloe McGee