Diocesan Mission Mass

Diocesan Mass

On Friday the 14th of October, myself, Kathleen, Christian and Chantelle of Year 12 were privileged to attend the Diocesan Mission Mass for the evangelisation of the people, in Parramatta. The service began at 10.30am with the Homily being a message on the importance of every individual. We learnt that we should never underestimate the potential that each member of our community has. This is definitely a message that I believe we at St Andrews College can continue to put into action.

Following the mass, there was a presentation on the mission work of the Catholic Church Cambodia. Between 1974 - 1979 communism took over the nation under the rule of Pol Pot. Many teachers and other individuals with skills were killed. The church reintroduced education programs and paid extra money to teachers as the money they received from the government is very little. The church is also assisting in the re-building of the cities. From this presentation we learnt the importance of education and the fact that we shouldn't take it for granted. 

After the mass we went to our stall, to show our works for St Vincent de Paul. We got the chance to answer questions about our different fundraisers and functions that we carry out for Vinnies. We also got the opportunity to go to the different school stalls and ask questions about their activities. 

Altogether, it was a good day full of many lessons.

Nancy Osariemen
Year 12