2017 Swimming Carnival


 Bennelong Captains with Shields

On Thursday the 2nd of March students and staff traveled to Blacktown Aquatic Centre for the annual College Swimming Carnival.


It was another great day in the swimming pool with ten records broken.



Year 12 student Scott Anschau and Year 10 student Jayan Easton broke five records each in the 100m freestyle; 50m freestyle; 50m backstroke; 50m breaststroke; and 50m butterfly.


The Carnival Shield and the Participation Shield went to the Bennelong House – well done Bennelong!


Congratulations to all students who participated in the pool and to those who cheered from the stands.


Congratulations, also goes to Miss Cassandra Knezevic, her team of teachers: Mrs Nicole Lovern; Miss Claudine Desira; Mr Nick Thurm and Mr Chris Anschau, PDSSSC Co-ordinator for their organisation of a wonderful Swimming Carnival.


Miss Knezevic extends her thank you also to the PDHPE staff: Gary Boardman; Dominique Goldie: James Aronis; and Mr David Frankham who assisted with the early set-up of the carnival and the 100m races.


Boys Age Champions


Boys 12 Years

1st        Marcus Domingo

2nd       Paaras Singh

3rd       Zackary Kleinig

4th        Eric Modaffari

4th        Jonathon Orlowski

5th        Henry Wu


Boys 13 Years

1st        Marvin Mateo

2nd       Joshua Gesilva

3rd       Neeraj Naidu

4th       Caleb Lowe

5th        Ethan France


Boys 14 Years

1st        Andrew Easton

2nd       Miguel Tuazon

3rd       Vinaal Lal

4th        Luke Ward

5th        Elijah Balobalo

5th        Ethan Wong


Boys 15 Years

1st        Oscar Housego

2nd       Daniel Taylor

3rd       Clayton Bonello

4th        Gene Tibig

5th        Luke Kalogjera


Boys 16 Years

1st        Liam Gleeson

2nd       Marcus Felizardo

3rd       Ryan Oxley


Boys 17 Years

1st       Scott Anschau

2nd      Michael Mateo

3rd      William Lu

4th      Jason Taylor

5th      Charkrit Atherton


 Girl Age Champions

Girls 12 Years

1st         Jasmine Zolerick

2nd        Hailey Magat

3rd        Katelyn Calima

4th        Millie Crook


Girls 13 Years

1st          Georgia Green

2nd         Viktoria Vidovic

3rd          Christine Kom

4th          Giselle Cazar

Tie 5th    Arabella Gutierrez

Tie 5th    Caitlyn Xerri


Girls 14 Years

1st            Stephanie Out

2nd           Crystal Slater

3rd            Joanne-Marie Cooke

Tie 4th     Teghan McHugh

Tie 4th     Laney Shephard


Girls 15 Years

1st        Jayan Easton

2nd       Anna Kravtsova

3rd        Daenya Simpson

4th        Sylvia Musel

5th        Chloe Riley


Girls 16 Years

1st        Olivia Lindsay

2nd       Freedom Lowe

3rd       Jemma France

4th       Centaine O’Donnell


Girls 17 Years

1st        Kaitlyn Green

2nd       Madeline Hosego

3rd       Alyssa Seccull

4th       Ashley Naing

5th       Amy France