Year 8 Japanese Kaiko Drumming Incursion


On Tuesday the 20th of June, the Year 8 students of St Andrews College attended an incursion about Japanese Drumming. When we got to the designated performance spot, we realised that the performance was going to be done by YuNiOn, an organisation that specialised in 'Taiko' performances. 'Taiko' was told to be the Japanese work for 'drum'. When they started drumming, we all covered our ears as the music was quite loud, but eventually we all became use to the sounds which made us all feel comfortable. The performers showed and played different Japanese instruments, mostly being drums. They all had quite a different tone, which gave us the impression that the Japanese culture had many rhythmic sounds for various events. To be honest, the event was quite boring at first, but then became intriguing when the performers chose students from our grade to try out different instruments, and have a go at playing them. Towards the end, we all had smiles on our faces, as the performance had been fun and engaging and, on top of that, we got to learn a lot. I'm glad that the YuNiOn performers came to our school to give us this wonderful performance about Japan's instruments. We all had great fun!

 Khushi Gupta


The Taiko incursion that occurred on the 20th of June was quite fascinating. The different techniques and rhythms the two instructors made were quite astounding and shook me to my very core. The explanations they gave to the sounds of their different instruments and songs also enlightened on how Japan's traditions are not like anything I've seen. When they got people up to try out some of the instruments I laughed a bit as it was quite funny to see people trying something new. I would like to see more taiko and maybe some more fun incursions some time in the future.

Kodi Kalemusic

 IMG_4711 (1)

It was really cool and a good experience. It was a different style of music to what I'm use to and good to learn. I had so much fun playing the drums but was a bit embarrassed in front of my friends. Masai was very energetic and enjoyed what she did and Graham was very informative and experienced. When it started I thought it was just gonna be them drumming for a long time but then they talked and got people to join in. Overall it was fun.

Thomas McKinley