2018 College Swimming Carnival

1 Chang Winning House 2018

The College Swimming Carnival was held on Thursday the 1st of March and was another great day in the life of the College. This was a great day at St Andrews College and I was impressed with the behaviour and positive nature of our students, which is obviously guided by our dedicated staff. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all staff and the students for their fantastic contribution to the great success of the College Swimming Carnival. A special thank you goes to Ms Knezevic, Mr Weaver, Mrs Weaver, Mr Frankham, Mr Leaves and Mrs Lovern for arriving at the pool at 7:45am to run the 100 metre events and help me setup the venue.

The atmosphere was amazing and we have Mr Chiappetta to thank for this, his endless enthusiasm really encourages the students to get involved. I wish to congratulate the students on their participation and achievements. A special congratulations goes to the Age Champions and to Ashleigh Out and Georgia Green for breaking long standing College Records.

8 Swimming

Carnival results are as follows:

Winning House: Chang

Participation Trophy: Chang

New Records:

Ashleigh Out 13 Years 50m Butterfly

Georgia Green 14 Years 50m Butterfly


Final Standings:

Chang 331

Bennelong 274

Gould 227

Frances 202

Participation Trophy:

Chang 111

Gould 93

Bennelong 92

Frances 79

5 Girls Age Champions 2018

6 Boys Age Champions 2018

Age Champions:

12 Years Boys

1st Hale Roy

2nd Jackson Sibir

3rd Ben He

12 Years Girls

1st  Jade Kember

2nd Rianna Patrabanash

3rd Hannah Johnston

13 Years Boys

1st Marcus Domingo

2nd Jai Pereira

3rd Henry Wu

13 Years Girls

1st Ashleigh Out

2nd Jasmine Zolerick

3rd Annebelle Johnston

14 Years Boys

1st Marvin Mateo

Equal 2nd Caleb Lowe and Colin Lu

14 Years Girls

1st Georgia Green

2nd Viktoria Vidovic

3rd Leigh Amores

15 Years Boys

1st Andrew Easton

Equal 2nd Miguel Tauzon and Luke Ward

15 Years Girls

1st Stephanie Out

Equal 2nd Joanne Cooke and Crystal Slater,

16 Years Boys

1st Daniel Taylor

2nd Oscar Housego

3rd Clayton Bonello

16 Years Girls

1st Jayan Easton

2nd Daenya Simpson

3rd Anna Kravtsova

17+ Years Boys

Equal 1st William Lu and Lachlin Sibir

3rd Daniel San Pedro

17+ Years Girls

1st Ashley Naing

2nd Kaitlyn Green

Equal 3rd Alyssa Seccull and Reyzhel Gregorio



Martin Gillogly, Leader of Learning – Sport