Cross Country Carnival


St Andrews College Cross Country Carnival took place on Tuesday the 20th of March. With the previous days being over 30 degrees we have to congratulate the students for their outstanding efforts on a hot humid day.

More than 100 students took place in the carnival with some more keen than others to run in the tough conditions.


The day was a success and a big thank you must go to all the participants and all the PE staff.


The following students were crowned first, second and third in their respective age groups.

12 Years Boys:

1st    John Lukudu

2nd  Nicholas Boustani


12 Years Girls:

 1st  Talia Temel

2nd  Giselle Quigg

3rd   Jade Kember


13 Years Boys:

1st    Andre Dera

2nd  Joash Tluang

3rd   Haroun Fadlalla


13 Years Girls:

1st    Ava Alley

2nd  Alwin Chadha

3rd   Anna Logali


14 Years Boys:

1st    Erren Fernandez

2nd  Cameron Rositano

3rd   Neeraj Naidu


14 Years Girls:

1st    Georgia Green

2nd  Viktoria Vidovic

3rd   Emilia Milas


15 Years Boys:

1st    Matthew Martignago

2nd  Vinaal Lal

3rd   Abiatara Peter


15 Years Girls:

1st    Abeny Manassah

2nd  Teghan McHugh

3rd   Claudia Kirkby


16 Years Boys:

1st    Isaiah Lazaro

2nd  Tom Kalemusic

3rd   Jerome Sanchez


16 Years Girls:

1st    Emily Vella

2nd  Ebony O’Connor

3rd   Chloe Riley


17 Years Boys:

1st    Sasan Najibi

2nd  Joshua Sangil

3rd   Denver Pratelli


17 Years Girls:

1st    Jemma France

2nd  Erika Abella]

3rd   Emily Badelles


18 Years Boys:

Equal first Nabil Fadlalla and Joshua Aquilina


18 Years Girls:

1st    Jaclin Mawut

2nd  Reyzhel Gregorio

3rd   Taylor-Ann Morrison


Martin Gillogly

Leader of Learning Sport