Year 10 Reflection Day

Year 10 Reflection Day Photo 6

On Wednesday the 27th of February the Year 10 cohort had a Reflection Day with the focus on inclusion. Especially, inclusion for diversity and the marginalised people of our community. Teachers enlightened us to make a difference and to advocate to human rights to improve a better quality of living in our world. We were visited by Father Luis, he educated us on how to become inclusive as Christians, as he stated it is essential to be inclusive. A number of Year 11 students sacrificed their precious time to help and guide us with their knowledge and interactive activities. Throughout the day, we were placed in small groups to work with one another and complete each activity to put our word to action by being inclusive towards everyone in our group. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience with a valuable lesson learnt.

Maiah Lazaro
School Captain


Year 10 Reflection Day Photo 3


Year 10 Reflection Day Photo 5